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Sandstone Paving

Indian Sanstone Paving comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Imported from India, every care is taken to ensure the product is ethically sourced. Basic colours are Grey, Raj Green (a mix of warm colours) and Brown Multi (shades of brown) all come in a variety of shades given a pleasant variation of colour across the installed surface. The paving includes complimentary circles , walling and coping. We can supply what your requirements are, no minimum orders. We always advise that you visit us to look at stone samples and not rely on photos, and please remember each piece of stone is different in terms of colour and sometimes texture!

The product is available in crates of mixed sizes.

Contents 16-21 square metres at 22-25mm thickness.

Dimensions where stated are approximate.


Full crate price   Raj Green  21 square metres £poa

                           Grey             18 square metres £poa 

                           Brown          18 square metres £poa

We also sell in split pack at £35.50 all colours per sq metre

Other sandstone products are available but are generally modified from the core colours above. Price on request.

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