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Weed Control

Weed Control or its proper name Landscape Membrane or Groundcover, locally referred to as Terraim. The bain of our lives! Our Landscape Membrane is woven from polypropylene 100 GSM to provide a matting material for use in the landscaping industry. GSM grammes per square metre. It is a measure of thickness, please  note other suppliers gsm when price comparing!

Free draining and strong enough to withstand heavy loading in roads building, the membrane comes in varying widths from 1 metre to 4 metre, you simply buy what length you need. 

Misconception.....the membrane WILL NOT eliminate weeds completely, neither will it prevent bulbs from emerging next year!! It is a preventative material which when combined with a covering of gravel or bark assists in weed control, the membrane separates the gravel from the earth preventing losses into the ground, and limits natural light to plant life.



Per square metre

1-20 square metres £1.20

21-50 square metres £1

50+ square metres 85p